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Cameroon Chambers Of Commerce is a highly skilled firm, CCIMA like the Assemblies Consular is an advisory and representative of the business community in the areas of trade, industry, mining and handicrafts. It was created in 1921, its headquarters in Douala, the economic capital.

Since January 25, 2008, CCIMA is chaired by Mr Christopher EKEN, a businessman based in Douala.

CCIMA main tasks to act as a conduit between on the one hand, the private business and secondly, the government's consultation and representation in many areas, primarily which is the economy.

It develops after an extensive business coaching and especially the promotion of industrial and commercial enterprises in terms of:

    * From the collection, processing and dissemination of economic and commercial information;
    * From the production of publications;
    * To support the creation of enterprises;
    * On international trade
    * To promote exports through participation in fairs and exhibitions;
    * Initial support for research partners;
    * In training: training, seminars, conferences.

Finally, it maintains a network of consular relations with the assemblies of all countries and also with international organizations interested in private sector activities.

All industrial and commercial enterprises are generally nationals and adherent CCIMA.

Products and services of CCIMA are many and varied. One can cite the most important of these products:

    * Issuance of certificates of origin for products exported.
    * File Consular Registration and issuing a certificate to be renewed each year.
    * Issuing credential number.
    * Initiation and coordination of the participation of economic operators to trade shows abroad.
    * Collecting, processing and dissemination of data on companies, products and markets.
    * Editing of promotional literature to:
          o Conjoncture
          o Business Directory
          o Business Guide creator
          o Consular Letter
          o Newsletter
          o Fact sectoral


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